SoCal DSM Meeting 
Friday August 14th
Thanks to Jeff O, we actually have photographic evidence of the peculiar and dangerous things that transpired that evening.

Many things were learned.  Never leave your car behind when there is a meet going on, especially if its really dusty.  It doesn't take much to get a FWD's tires spinning without the car moving.  It does, however, take a lot to keep an AWD from going where it wants to go.  Gasoline + Tony - general common sense =!

Cause it was night, these pics are a little dark.  I tried to lighten/enhance them as best as I could.   Click on the image to see the larger version which will pop up in a separate window.  Sorry, no fancy click-to-zoom effects like on Steve H's pages...   ;)

Juan doing a burnout, Ronnie & Tony coaching..."let OUT the clutch!" Ronnie light'n em up in Eric's RS... ...with a little help from some friends.
Mound '0 rubber, courtesy Ronnie.  Needin new tires soon, Eric?  ;) Scott's GSX launching...Ronnie, Tony and Juan onto their asses! How many DSMers it take to flip a Honda?   From the right, thats Scott T, Juan, Ronnie, (not sure) and Mike J's bro.
Tony lighting a trail of racegas. Scot giving his 'fire vortex' some flammable encouragement. Tony getting ready to light the isopropyl alcohol in his mouth. Henry and Shannen look on in awe (???)
Ronnie gettin into it with the old WD-40 standby. Tony having 'problems' (the gas can he was holding caught fire, and all the gas was coming out as flames!) Tony praying to his personal Fire gods.

   Aug 25, 1998